How much weight can the racks support?
Depending on the size of the rack being installed they will hold up to 600lbs when spaced evenly across the rack!

What sizes racks are available?
We currently offer 5 sizes of overhead storage racks. Our most popular sizes is the 4'x8' rack, which offers up to 128 cubic feet of storage space! The heights of the racks can be installed 20-45" from ceiling.

How are the racks installed?
We first determine the best position in your garage to maximize your space. The pieces are then cut to the maximum height that can be applied, and we secure each leg of the rack to 2 floor joists (8 points in total) using 3" lag bolts ....this gives you better stability and more strength than racks that only secure at 4 points.

Can I install myself?
If there is a dealer in your area they may install for you or sell you a rack to install yourself. If no dealer is present in your area, we can ship racks to your residence with installation instructions included.

Do your racks have a warranty?
Our racks are backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty!
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