FORGED  - Overhead Steel Garage Ceiling Racks

We offer top quality overhead storage systems. Our powder-coated industrial strength steel ceiling racks are designed to utilize wasted space in your garage, letting you reclaim lost floor space.

Still parking your "stuff" in your garage?

Get your car back where it belongs! We often store rarely used items on our garage floors, leaving insufficient space to park our expensive cars inside. Our steel ceiling racks are designed to utilize otherwise wasted space by storing items overhead.

Our overhead ceiling racks feature:

  • Can hold up to 600 lbs
  • 4 different sizes (4'x8', 4'x6', 3'x8', 3'x6)
  • Industrial grade steel
  • Powder coated protection
  • Customized heights - up to 45" from ceiling
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Create More Floor Space
Our overhead racks utilize otherwise wasted space in the garage by storing items "overhead". Our garage ceiling racks are perfect for large bulky items and seasonal items such as x-mas decorations, camping gear etc.

Utilize Your newly Created Space
You'll be amazed at how much new space you can create with a couple of Forged Racks. Your garage will be cleaner and more organized than you ever imagined!

Professional Installations
All of our products are professionally installed by certified Forged Dealers. Each of the four corners of your rack will be connected to two floor joists for maximum strength and stability.
Our Overhead Racks Will  Get You Organized

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